Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Upside Down Blake

Oh how we love our Blake! He is our high energy, loud, rough and tumble, all boy, kid! He makes every day more fun just by being himself and we love having him in our family. We can also really, really eat! He must have his father's metabolism because he is always hungry! 

Hungry Boy

This layout uses Studio Calico's State Fair line and some Crate Paper Toy Box embellishments. The journaling reads: 

"We joke Blake that your stomach is a bottomless pit, but in truth it really must be! All day long I hear you say, “I’m hungry,” “Is it lunch time yet?” or “Can I have a snack?” I know now that about an hour after any meal you start asking about snacks and when the next meal will start. I have no idea how you can pack away all the food that you do and still want more! It must have something to do with being a boy and the energy you expend all day long! What worries me most is how much you may be eating when you are a teenager—the grocery bills are going to be high I think!"

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