Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Plenty of Sunshine Here

In paper and in reality! We have had so little rain it is really beginning to be quite hard on the lawn and landscape. We water and water, but it is just soooooo dry! It does make nice weather for playing outside though, and we have done lots of that, and hope to do more when Ty starts to get a bit better. 

As for paper sunshine, here is a May layout using American Crafts' very fun, bright, and playful collection Hello Sunshine.

Piggyback Rides:

The journaling on this one reads: "Ty takes such good care of you Spencer! One of the things he does for you is give you piggy back rides. He loves to pick you up run around the house or yard with you on his back. You laugh and squeal with delight and hug his neck, and I smile every time I see this manifestation of his love for you! May 2011"

Ty really does do this all the time, and I'm glad I finally got out the camera and got some photos of it. It really is cute to see what a tender heart Ty has for Spencer. He is a great big brother!

Another Hello Sunshine layout tomorrow!

Have a great Wednesday!


  1. How sweet! I know Brayden can't wait till Bryce is a little more mobile. Well, it'll be bitter sweet as Bryce gets into his things.hahaha

  2. Your boys are so sweet! Love the layout!