Wednesday, August 3, 2011

A Special Day For Blake

My boys are going to be starting off this new school year in a new school--not because we have moved or anything like that, but because the school we used to attend was overcrowded and a new elementary school was needed. 

I have mixed feelings about it. 

We loved the first school--great teachers, great special ed teachers for Ty, a great speech specialist, etc. It was a really great place for Ty and Blake to be. 

However, this new school has a lot of potential. The principal from the former school has moved over here as has one of our favorite special ed teachers. It's also very close to grandma and grandpa's house and the boys are really excited to be attending a brand new school. I've got my fingers crossed that they will get good teachers and that the tiny little playground equipment they installed this week is just a start with (hopefully) bigger and better additions to come before the start of the school year. Like I said--it has a lot of potential. 

One thing I really hope the principal keeps is the choosing of class champions. Both Ty and Blake loved this tradition and each got a turn at being the class champion at the past school. 

Here is my layout about Blake's turn, done with the new Oxford line from Basic Grey

The journaling reads: "All year long Blake, you talked about how much you wanted to be voted Coyote Champion of your kindergarten class. And as each quarter passed and someone else was picked you became discouraged. I told you that there were many nice and well behaved children in your class and that your turn would come at some point but maybe not in kindergarten. You, however, kept trying hard to be helpful, good, and friendly in class and at the end of the very last quarter it paid off! You were chosen as your classes’ Coyote Champion and you were so excited! The note that your teacher sent home said your class picked you because you always do your work and follow the rules. It also said you were a good friend and were respectful to all the other students! We are so very proud of you Blake! Congratulations! --May 2011"

And another set of trip photos from our day at Disneyland

Buzz lighter is always a favorite ride!

The boys loved the Jedi Training Academy! Each got a chance to fight Darth Maul.

 We got to the very front of the line for Pirates of the Caribbean and the ride broke down. I was pretty disappointed as this has been my favorite ride since I was a teenager. Thankfully they got it going again later in the day.

Spencer loved the Winnie the Pooh ride and was fascinated by the Tikki Room.

Mickey Shaped Pretzels

Meeting characters of course!

We were having so much fun that we stayed quite late for the boys. I think it was just before 11pm--which in Texas would have been nearly 1am. Ty still didn't want to leave, but Blake was begging to go and Spencer was falling asleep in our arms. Overall it was a really fabulous day!

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  1. You really need to submit that page, Ginger! It's so fun to see pictures from your trip.