Thursday, August 4, 2011

Our Little Bucket Boy

Well, we are still frying down here in south Texas! I tried to take the boys out to the park for a little while yesterday afternoon, but we only stayed about 20 minutes before retreating back to air conditioned spaces. I should have taken it as a sign when we were they only ones there! I think today we may try the library instead, at least that way we can escape our heat induced house arrest for longer than 20 minutes.

Today I have a Pebbles layout to share with you. It is based on a fabulous sketch by Becky Fleck, and was done for today's post on the Pebbles blog. Be sure and check out the blog to see the sketch and another beautiful layout based on it by fellow Pebbles DT member Natalie Dever.

The journaling reads: "One day I found you Spencer, climbing in and out of this bucket while it was high up on a kitchen chair. You were very proud of yourself for managing to fit inside it and kept climbing in and out! It was very cute to see you find joy in such a simple thing! Summer 2011"

And more trip photos, this time from the 4th of July that we spent with family.

We started the morning with Krispy Cremes and a parade. The boys got their exercise jumping, waving, and yelling for candy to be thrown their way.

Ty even got lucky enough to catch this parachuting army man.

After the parade we headed over to Bahama Bucks for patriotic snow cones (and if you have never been to a Bahama Bucks then you have never really had a true snow cone--theirs are amazing! We go every time we visit my in-laws.)

Yummmmm--Strawberry Cheesecake deliciousness!

The boys also adored getting a chance to meet and hold their newest little cousin, Lilly. When asked if they wanted a little sister they said, "No, but new little girl cousins are fine." I laughed--that works for me! And they are about to get their wish for new cousins--we have three more on the way and at least one will be a girl! Maybe even this week!

And with the drought Texas is having, all fireworks shows were canceled. We made do with some firework imitations. These cousins spent a good hour or more out in the backyard playing with their light-sticks.

Somewhere that day we managed to fit in cake, ice cream and presents for the birthday boy as well! Whew! It was a busy but very good day! (And after reading this I saw how "healthy" we ate too! LOL--good thing it's only once in awhile!)

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  1. loved your layout Ginger, and LOL on the house's been hot here in Wisconsin too!

  2. LOVE this layout! The background paper is perfect with all the bright colors :)