Thursday, October 25, 2007

Updates to Ginger Williams Photography

Okay, well, it should be no surprise to everyone that I'm going to need to make some changes in the way I do things because life has simply become too busy for me to keep up with it all. As much as I love photography, I still happen to love my family more. So in order to be fair to them and to be fair to the commitments I have in the scrapbooking world I am scaling back the number of photo shoots I will be doing a month. So here are the changes and updates I am implementing for sessions as of today: 1. I will only do 2 photo shoots a week--the only exception will be if you just had a baby and need a newborn session or, if something unforeseen to us both happens (like an illness), and we need to reschedule a session that was already booked. 2. I will not be doing ANY sessions in December past December 1st (except for the one wedding already scheduled) Newborn sessions and maternity sessions might be an exception to this, call me and ask. 3. My "prices" are changing. The basic photo session fee will now be $15 for friends and family, and $50 for the general public. Large group sessions (more than immediate family) will be $25 for friends and family and $65 for the general public. Please email or call me if you want information on weddings, birthdays, or other events. All payments will be expected at the time of the session. The only exception to this are my free newborn sessions for friends and family--they are, as always, my gift to you. Congrats! Newborn sessions for the general public are $50. 4. I will now do sessions for the general public on a limited basis. Feel free to tell your friends. 5. My available dates for the remainder of the year (for both friends and the general public) are: 1. Tues. Afternoon October 30th at 4:30pm 2. Sat. Morning November 10th at 9:00am 3. Monday November 19th at 9:00am 4. Monday November 19th at 4:30pm 5. Sat. December 1st 9:00am and Mini sessions at Mercer Arboretum on Sat. December 1st from 3-5. I will have 4 time slots open: 3:00 3:30 4:00 4:30 The mini sessions are for taking a family or group photo with or without Christmas hats (or both), and not for individual shots of family members. The prices on these mini-sessions are $10 for friends and family and $25 for the general public. So, that's it--when they are gone they are gone! I am slightly flexible with the times, but not really with the dates. If you really need a different date you can call me (or email me) and beg, but I make no promises! I am currently taking about 2-3 weeks to return pictures to everyone. I will make every effort to get them to you sooner, however please be aware it may take as long as 3 weeks. The only exceptions will be the December mini sessions. Those pictures will be back to everyone by Dec. 10th so that you will have them for Christmas cards or gifts. Why does it take so long? I'm glad you asked :) I individually make corrections to each and every photo you receive. I brighten slightly if needed/defog/reduce noise if needed/crop out distractions (if there are any)/remove scratches and blemishes/soften wrinkles/remove stray hairs when possible and or necessary/sharpen/and sometimes include a black and white version. It takes from 2-7 minutes for every photo, therefore a session where you receive 2 dozen photos takes me about 2 hours (and sometimes more) to edit. This is in addition to the time it takes to simply process your pictures from RAW format to JPEG. Do I have to go through all this? No--but I think it makes a noticeable difference in the quality of your prints and that is why each image gets my individual attention. Here is a comparison of a recent before and after: Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket I hope you will agree, it is worth the wait! So happy holidays everyone! I'm excited to take your pictures!


  1. Wow Ginger, you're one busy mama. The pictures look great!

  2. i am loving all those pictures! you are so talented. i can't wait to bring the girlies back for a little photo shoot!