Saturday, March 1, 2008


I do still scrapbook, even though I don't blog about it much. But, just to prove I do still enjoy this hobby, I thought I'd show some recent work I've done for Queen and Company. Many of these were in their booth at CHA last month:

Plus here are some sneek peeks at my current layouts for In order to see a close up of these you are going to have to click on the images.

I'm Watching You

Ten Months

Kindergarten Cupid

Small, Tiny, Toes


  1. Ok, so I thought I was somewhat good at the scrapbooking thing, but after seeing those, I'm a total amateur!! You are AMAZING, to say the least. I wish I could just send you my stuff and pay you to do all mine. Not only because you're awesome, but because I am SO far behind! I love what you do!!

  2. LOVE em. I really love the one the says "sometimes I peek at you". What a perfect capture of some the best parts of being a mom.

  3. i love those layouts. i can't comment on them all because i love too many of them. you are just so talented!

  4. LOVE your layouts, Ginger!!!You do wonderful things with the Queen and Company stuff! ;)

  5. the detail in your layouts just blows me away!!!

    and you've been tagged...check my blog

  6. this is such a great post. love all the scrapwork!love your bight blog! love it!