Monday, December 8, 2008

Quick Scrapbooking Update

So sorry for the lack of blogging...but this is certainly my busiest time of year. I'm already starting CHA work, plus tons of photo sessions...thus the blog suffers a little. The good news is that I think my Christmas shopping is almost all done! Tree's up, house is decorated, and our family Christmas traditions are already in full swing. Yay! And I know what I'm going to do for neighbor/teacher gifts this year--I'll work on that tonight! That makes me feel a little bit ahead of the game as far as Christmas goes at least. I know I have a mountain of session to show highlights from, plus a whole lot of family photos I'd like to share --Blake and Ty's birthdays, Disneyland trip, Halloween etc.--but that will have to wait for a different day.
So here's a look at some of my more or less recent projects:
This one is a gift bag I did for the Queen and Company blog last month.You can see some close ups and instructions here:
And, for those out there that like sketches here are a few I did for the simple inspiration blog. A new sketch is going up everyday--so if sketches are your thing be sure and check it out here:
This is an older layout I did last Spring for Chatterbox. It appears on the packaging of their "Love Bird" page kit.
And I had a lot of fun with these frames from the dollar store. They were very plain so I covered them with Melissa Frances papers and embellishments. This one uses their Hush-A-Bye line:
And this one features their "Little Boy Blue" line:
And this one is another older one that I should have put up a few months ago, but forgot. This layout about my little niece Annie (thanks to my brother Adam, but the way, for the great photo), was in the August Basic Grey newsletter. It is based on a sketch by Becky Fleck. You can see the newsletter and sketch here:
And here are 3 of my November layouts for
And last, something I'm really excited about! I am one of the contributing artists to this little book right here:

I had so much fun doing layouts for this book and am so excited to see the final product! The amazing Courtney Walsh is the author and she has pulled together all kinds of great time saving tips and ideas to help make scrapbooking something you can do faster and easier, even though you might be super busy (and who isn't ?) Other contributing artists are Greta Hammond, Nic Howard, Heather Burch, Kelly Goree, Brenda Carpenter, Jennifer Pebbles, and Linda Albrecht.

I know what your thinking. How did my name end up getting mixed in with these super talented ladies? The answer is "I have no idea!" But, I am counting my lucky stars and giddy from excitement over it. :)

It just came out, and Amazon is already almost out of stock! Yay! My copies should be in my hands soon--I can't wait! :)


  1. Congrats Ginger! wow, you're like super woman or something. I don't know how you do it all?

    I need to scrapbook so badly. I'm wayyyyyy behind!

  2. Wow, you are one busy and talented woman! I totally commend you! I am always in awe of all the work you do and the awesome pics you take! I'm so jealous! Good luck with everything else you have on your huge plate!

  3. :) I'm loving everything you are doing... especially your stuff in my book!! Thank you, thank you! :)