Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Did you have a good fourth?

I hope so! I know we did. But before I get to that, I had a few trip and vacation photos to share. First off, on our 4th attempt to go down to the Houston Space Center (we actually started calling it the-place-that-shall-not-be-named, just so we wouldn't jinx ourselves) everything worked out just fine, and we had a great time. They currently have a George Lucas exhibit there which was a lot of fun to explore. Blake was fascinated by these guys, but wouldn't stand near them. Spencer as you can see, didn't care for them either and flat out refused to turn around for the photo. Still we had a great time. My favorite part was taking the tour over to Space Command. We had a great guide there who gave a very fun and informative speech about the missions directed out of the room we were in. Very cool stuff. The Star Wars and Indiana Jones exhibits were big hits with the boys, especially the blaster training.
Just a few days later we packed up and headed to Six Flags Over Texas, which was a pit stop on our way up north to spend the holiday weekend with Marc's family. We went last summer too and had such a great time we knew we had to make in a yearly affair. It was crazy hot and humid, but since it was a Wednesday, there were practically no lines. We walked onto almost every ride and even went around and around without getting off of some of them. We had a blast and can't wait for next year.
You can't tell from the photo but Blake and Ty were in a serious fight during this ride. Ty wanted to go up and Blake wanted to go down so they spent the entire ride yelling at each other. Very embarrassing. Next time they get their own plane.
Don't they look soooooo happy in this one? To bad their car didn't work and they spent the next few minutes after this photo in extreme frustration. We tried again though and this time they each got a car that worked. I don't think Blake understood the concept of bumper cars to well though. Every time someone rammed him he would yell "Hey! Don't hit me!" at the top of his lungs. Well, at least he was very entertaining to some of the other parents waiting for the ride to end. I heard a lot of chuckling from a gentleman behind me. Again, very embarrassing.

We had more success on the Mini Mine Train. The boys rode it over and over again with their grandparents. It even helped Ty gain the courage to do the full sized version of the Mine Train with me.

Spencer tolerated the rides okay, but I think his favorites were these swings, the carousel, and the Yosemite Sam boat ride.

By the end of the day we were all pretty tired. Collectively we went on just about everything at the park, and we were starting to show it. Still, it didn't stop us from going on this ride about four times. Ty and Blake just loved this one.

And of course, we met a lot of characters too. The most exciting of which was Batman and Robin. Except the boys didn't know who Robin was... we are going to have to educate them on that. Blake did ask Batman if he had a girlfriend--and it has been confirmed that he is now dating Wonder Woman.

After all our fun at Six Flags we spent the rest of the long weekend with Marc's family. We spent the morning of the forth at the parade playing with cousins, eating Krispy Kreams, and catching candy and prizes, then swimming in the afternoon, followed up by birthday celebrations for Marc who is now 31, and lastly watching the fireworks display from the driveway. All in all a great day! It is really fun having someone in the family with a 4th of July birthday. Such a great day to have a birthday. You always get it off, there is always something fun to do and lots of family to be around. I think Marc hit the birthday jackpot :)
Here is Blake showing off his standard winky smile.

They all loved these flags their grandmother got them. We only had to tell them to stop using them as swords/lightsabers/weapons of any kind about 10 times.

Spencer was there too of course, but he remained strapped to his stroller as he is in a pretty good "run away" stage right now. As in the minute his feet hit pavement he runs away. That would not have been a great thing at this very busy parade.

And from later that day, Marc's favorite--German Chocolate Cake.

The birthday guy--as Blake and Ty called him all day.

Marc was pretty excited about these water balloons from his nieces, but hopefully he will enjoy my present too--a BYU vs. Oklahoma ticket--anyone else around here going? :)

And a few swimming pictures from that afternoon too.
These boys love to be in the water. Their swimming is coming along pretty good too, especially Ty, who can now easily swim the length of this pool.
And before I go, here is a little something I came up with for my wall for the forth of July. One last cupcake--for now at least. They are very fun, but I hate waiting for the stickles to dry :) I'm not a very patient scrapper! These are all Melissa Frances papers, from her Little Guy line, the brads are all Queen and Company, and the font is a 2peas font.

And thanks to all my well wishers about the Cosmo DT call. I didn't get it this time, but I'm by no means discouraged. I'll be trying again next year. And congrats to all the very talented and deserving finalists. I had a lot of fun looking at everyone's projects!

Have a great day everyone--and be sure to stop by tomorrow if you'd like to see some new sketches. :) I gotta run now. I need to get ready to spend some time with DH before he runs off to scouts tonight. We are celebrating our 9th anniversary today :) Wow--that was a very fast 9 years! And I can't wait to enjoy many, many more with my fantastic guy :)


  1. Hi, Ginger!

    I really loved this cupcake. Can I lift it?

    Best regards!

  2. Your six flags trip looks hilarious. It may have been embarrassing at the time but I'm sure you'll soon be laughing too. :) So what does DH stand for?

  3. Hey, Jamie, DH stands for "dear husband," and it's a term a lot of people use in texting or message board forums.

    It was great to see you guys, Ginger, and we're excited that you'll get to stay longer next time. Thanks for putting up with our silly girls- they loved the Krispy Kremes. I can't wait to scrap the pictures of the kids with their flags.

  4. oh, p.s. I love your card :) You sure are good at those cupcakes!

  5. Congrats on your anniversary!! Here is to many more wonderful years! I was chuckling at your recap of your Six Flags trip. What fun little guys you have.

  6. Ooh we're jealous! Dylan really wants to go to that game! And if we don't make it there (which I'm betting we won't) he wants to go to the game the very next week in New Orleans. (I'm betting we don't make that one either...)