Friday, September 3, 2010

Playing With The September Kit From My Scrapbook Nook

Well the September kit I was telling you about from My Scrapbook Nook a few posts ago came--and it is awesome! I have always loved the look and feel of Crate's patterned papers. They have a great subtle texture that is just so fun to create with. I've only done 2 layouts so far, but I have plenty left, so there will be more layouts to share coming soon. For today just enjoy these two:

 I impressed myself on this one--I have trouble using pink sometimes and I used a lot of pink (for me) on this layout! :)

The Journaling Reads: "Blake, you have a special relationship with Aubrey. Despite being a girl, you love to play together and she has turned out to be one of your best friends. When you see each other it isn’t uncommon to find you and her “flying” around the house as “Bats and Butterflies” or hearing her call you “Blakey.” After school you tell me about playing with her at recess and at church you even help hold her purse in class. I think it is so cute that you two have become so close! Summer 2010"


Higher Daddy, Higher!

And I decided to play it safe here and go back to my favorite color (Orange)--Have I mentioned I love Orange? :)

Journaling reads: "If I had to guess Spencer, I’d say that this may have been your favorite part of our road trip. You loved playing in the pool with Daddy! Every time he tossed you up in the air you would squeal, laugh, and smile in delight as you came splashing down. I’m glad you had such a good time playing in the hotel pool with Dad!"

Both of these layouts came together so easy with the kit! The items in it go together so perfectly! I love it! There really is something to having limited choices to help you get things done faster!

And faster was what I needed this week as I spent a lot of my time cleaning up after a little boy with a tummy flu :(  Not what he--or I--needed this week! Hopefully no one else gets it and we can move on to a great 3 day weekend!

Thanks for stopping by and have a great 3 day weekend yourself!


  1. LOVE these layout Ginger! Just gorgeous! Have a great weekend! :)

  2. Fabulous job with these, Ginger. It's so fun to see you scrapping with pink ♥ and it's great to have you on our team. Funny, I made an accordion flower for one of my mini album cover. So fun.