Tuesday, January 20, 2009

No Training Wheels

Wow--so it's been a long time since I posted anything here--not for lack of anything to post--just the opposite in fact. Life has been very, very, busy and hectic ; and I am just now feeling like I am coming up from under my mountain of stuff to do. I have a ton of photo shoots to share highlights from--a wedding too. Plus lots of family pictures, and also a bunch of fun layouts and projects from Chatterbox, Melissa Frances, and Queen and Company! So, I promise to be a more active poster over the next few weeks to try and catch up on all of that! Anyhow, tonight I simply want to share a great major triumph in the Williams household that happened today. Ty can officially ride his new bike--by himself! Yay! He got this bike for Christmas and it came without training wheels and we opted to keep it that way--avoiding the training wheel stage all together. It was a bit of a struggle at times. Ty would get scarred when he crashed and he just didn't seem to get how to shift his weight around to stay up. Still, we all persevered, and thanks to some expert help from both us and Ty's grandparents, he has figured it out! Look how happy he is about it: Isn't he handsome in his fighter pilot jacket and his Pirates of the Caribbean Helmet? :) He kept smiling that huge grin at me as he zoomed by! I loved seeing him so happy as he has not always been enthusiastic about learning to ride. Tonight though, we had a hard time convincing him to stop! He still needs a little help getting started, and his stopping is a little bit rough, but, he is officially a bike rider now! :)


  1. Go Ty! How fun to see him doing it all by himself!

  2. Yay for Ty! Riding a bike is so much fun! You have been super busy...bless your heart! Everyone loves your work :)

  3. Way to Go Ty!! It's always fun to see our kids reach new milestones!!