Thursday, January 20, 2011

Can You Believe it? A Double Pager

Yes, you read that right...a 2 page layout from me! The Pebbles DT was challenged to do double page layouts this month and this is mine:

It's all about the special quirks that come from raising a special child like Spencer :) He certainly has a lot of them!  Here is the journaling:

Spencer you have so many silly quirks at this age! You are constantly making me laugh and smile every time I think about the things that are uniquely you! Here is my list of your top 8 quirks at age 4.

Photo #1 and #4. For some reason you love to cover your ears with your hands. You seem to do it randomly and I’ve yet to figure out why!

Photo #2 You often scrunch up your nose and give us a squinty look as if you can somehow see us better that way! Photo #3 Your love of ketchup knows no bounds! Photo #5 You still randomly give out dirty looks for no apparent reason!

Photo #6 You frequently growl loudly to get attentionstartling me and those around you! Photo #7 If you have a coat with a hood on it, the hood must be worn! I’ve tried to put it down so you can see better, but you always immediately put it right back up!

Photo #8 You love to press you nose up against others and look them right in the eye. It makes you giggle and laugh with delightI think you picked this one up from watching “The Little Mermaid.” Photo #9 You can not walk into the house unless you ring the doorbell first! You do it every time we come home!

All these crazy and silly quirks endear you to me so Spencer! I know some of them are related to your disabilities, but I still wouldn’t change them! You just wouldn’t be you without them! Jan 2011

The Pebbles Cats and Dogs line had the perfect colors for this layout. Be sure and check out lots more awesome double page layouts on the Pebbles blog by other DT members.

Have a great day!


  1. WOW, Ginger! I always avoid 2 pagers because I think mine turn out awkward but yours is amazing!