Thursday, January 27, 2011

Green paint went everywhere.....

...when we decided to give Ty his own room...not because Ty didn't do a good job painting the accent wall, but because Spencer decided to help out when we thought the door was locked. We ended up with two green walls instead of one, and now we get to repaint Spencer/Blake's room as well :) Oh well, at least he managed not to get it all over the carpet!

Anyhow, here is the layout about it:

Ty is super excited to have his own room--and for the most part he keeps it pretty clean :)

Have a great day everyone--I'm headed out to enjoy some sunshine and warm temps for a change!


  1. So cute, Ginger, and how nice that Ty could help with the painting.

  2. Such a cute page...don't you just love those little "uh Oh" moments when you know you gotta grab your camera?

  3. This is cute, Ginger!
    I love green walls!! Planning on painting some of my Living Room green sometime!

  4. Oh, Ginger... This is LOVELY!!