Wednesday, May 13, 2009

I know, I know you are waiting for me to post something here....

...but I just haven't known what to post about. We seem to have hit that time of year where we are just waiting for school to be over and planning for all the fun summer will bring. Of course Mother's day broke up the monotony nicely. I was spoiled and pampered wonderfully by my husband and family--gotta love that! :) And I love that Ty is in first grade! His teacher had him make all kinds of cute Mother's day arts and crafts--which is exactly the kind of heartfelt presents I enjoy most from my boys. Here are a few pictures, the first one is a card he made in primary. Ty said the hearts and rainbows are perfect for me because I am a girl--and girls like that kind of thing :)
And this is one of his projects from school; a huge flower that reads "My love for you grows, and grows, and grows."
Did you hear that? Yes, that strange watery sound? Yes, that was the sound of my heart melting. :)
Ditto Ty, I'm sending that sentiment right back at you! And I saw this little Q&A sheet posted on one of my favorite photographer's blog and it made me curious as to what my boys would say. I got a pretty good laugh out of how they see me :)
1. My Mom is _______ years old.
Ty and Blake guessed 69 and 40 years old. I'll let you guess what I thought about that....
2. She weighs _______ and is ______ feet tall.
They put their heads together and came up with either 15 or 65 pounds and 20 feet tall. And they are back in my good graces again :)
3. Her hair is ________ and her eyes are _________.
"Brown and blue" were their replies, which we will count as close enough.
4. My mom loves to________________.
"Play with us!" Yes, yes I do. "And play computer." Well, except for the part where I have to pay the bills online :P
5. Her favorite thing to wear is ___________.
"Shirts and pants." Enough said.
6. Her favorite household chore is __________.
"Going to the store and Wal-mart." Yes, I know. You boys think we live there some weeks.
7. Her favorite TV show is ___________.
"Princess shows." Because that's what every girl likes. "And maybe Star Wars." Maybe.
8. Her favorite song is ___________.
"The good side song." This is what Blake calls the Star Wars theme song--which is of course at the top of my play list. lol :) "And follow the prophet." Another classic.
9. It makes her happy when I ____________.
"Give her presents, flowers, and breakfast." Can you tell what I got for mother's day? :)
10. When my mom shops she like to buy _________.
"Buy me toys! Maybe a movie or a car." What else would I buy?
11. If your mom could go on a trip, she would go to__________ and she would take a _______.
"Maybe to the store or to California!" Why not? I like California.
"You would take a backpack, some food, and a camera." Yes, even at the tender age of 4, Blake knows there will be a camera in his face everywhere he goes.
12. I really love it when my Mom __________.
"Cleans downstairs." Is this some sort of hint?
Anyhow, I got a good laugh out of it, and had a fun time seeing myself through my boys eyes. :)
And since I put a few photos of Ty in I think I need a few of Blake. Here is a random one of him. I call this photo "Dressed by me." Look close. Do you see how well he does it? His pants are on backwards, he has a long sleeve shirt on with shorts, and his shoes are on the wrong foot. On top of that he is giving me that winking smile I just love. It is a great snapshot of total "Blakeness" right now. He loves to dress himself, and he is working on perfecting it.
Here is one from the same day without the fashion problem.
And look what we have here.
Everywhere I look.
They are both the boon of my existence and the most complete joy my boys have in this world --at least from a toy.
I found some in my bed a few weeks back. A few strays rattle around in the back of my minivan as I drive around town. And, if I had a dime for every time I either sat, stepped, or slept on one, I'd have a nice little chuck of change. If I had a dime for every time I tossed one up the stairs towards the play room I could take the family to six flags on Saturday. But that's not the point. The point is I do love to see the creativity Ty and Blake, and even occasionally Spencer posses when they play with Legos. They love them. They make ships out of them, cars, guns, spacecraft, houses, boats, and who knows what else. They can be entertained by them for hours and I love that they can spend so much time, having so much fun without it involving the TV or the computer. The truth is, even though they drive me nuts, Legos will probably be involved in the next few birthdays and again at Christmas. I'm already stalking some auctions on ebay to get them a big lot of them.
I'll let you know if I regret this. Here is a close up of one of the most amazing Lego creations ever made. I'm not certain, but I think it is a space ship. I am certain however, that it is "the coolest ever." It's creator told me himself.
And in other randomness, here are a few projects that will appear on my blog shortly. I did these over National Scrapbook day--don't laugh--it really does exist. I still need to scan and upload them--hopefully tonight or tomorrow.
This one still needs glue.
You know, I hate having to glue down layouts. Designing them is so fun. I'll get them just so, having a blast with placing titles, picking paper and embellishments, arranging and rearranging things, etc. Then the layout might just sit there.
For days.
Weeks sometimes.
All because I'm avoiding gluing down all the pieces. That part is work and not fun for me, and I'll go to great lengths to avoid it. Occasionally I'll design tons and tons of layouts and then finally I'll have covered every available surface in my scrapbook room with unfinished layouts and there is no more room to design. And then, I will finally start to glue.
I have an adhesive avoidance problem, I know.
Here are some cards I did manage to get done the other day. You will get a better look at them on the Queen and Company blog on Friday.

And this last photo is of an up and coming project. Some of you know that my mother is an avid and amazing quilter. Well believe it or not, a small fraction of her amazing talent did rub off on me. I'm not very good at it, but I do like to quilt.

I know, you thought I only used my sewing machine on my scrapbook stuff.

This however, is not entirely true. And in a month or 2 I hope to have some photo evidence to prove it. :)

Anyhow, Spencer stinks so I need to go attend to my favorite little chore--but thanks for reading my randomness for today. I promise, more photo shoots and layouts to come. :)


  1. Those pics of the boys are precious. I can relate to the whole lego thing although Zach leaves his creations laying around and is afraid that they'll fall apart if he actually puts them away in the box. So he has the belief that once they're put together they can never again be taken apart. ????

  2. It was so fun to read your post today. I think that we take for granted that all of these little messes that they make, leaving their things scattered around the house, fingerprints everywhere right after you clean, crumbs having to be cleaned up for the umpteenth time in the same day...all of those things will be gone before we know it and we'll miss it profoundly. They do grow up way too fast. So, we put up with the Legos and the princess dress-up stuff and the Play Doh and the everything else and just love the time we have. Right?