Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Where's My Water?

Many of you are probably familiar with the iPad game "Where's My Water?" It is a big favorite of Spencer's and I wanted to create a layout that capture's his current love of this game. Spencer is autistic and non-verbal and because of this sometimes people think he isn't as intelligent as your average 6 year old. That couldn't be farther from the truth. Spencer is very bright and this game is one small evidence of this. He loves to solve the complex problems this game can present and he does it with remarkable speed. He also has a wonderful memory of how he solves each problem and can repeat levels he has previously completed in record time. Every now and then he does get stuck and ask for help, and that's when his older brothers love to step in and "help." 

The papers here are again from then Echo Park Scoot collection, the stars, washi tape, jewels, and most of the buttons are from Queen and Company, the the stamp is my new date stamp from K and Company's Smash line.

The title was cut with my Silhouette Portrait and the Lobster font.

The journaling reads: "Spencer, you love many of the games on your iPad, but hands down “Where’s My Water” is your current favorite. Solving the various puzzles can keep you happily occupied for quite some time—at least until you get stuck. Then you call your brothers to the rescue and you all three sit together and work until you solve it!"

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Tuesday, March 12, 2013

3 Months

So I guess I'm adding these to my blog out of order, but here is Claire's 3 month layout. It uses the same wonderful My Girl collection from My Mind's Eye as her 4 month layout I showed last week. 

For the title I covered white cardstock with some Queen and Company yellow and pink washi tape and then ran it through my Cricut using the font on the Birthday Bash Cartridge to cut the letters. 

There is also lots of  Queen and Company pearls, buttons, and twine on this layout

The journaling reads: "You have been growing and now weigh nearly 10 lbs. We can now wear some 0-3 month sized clothes! We have been able to switch back to nursing full time as you are now a much better eater. You smile at everyone all the time and sometimes laugh. You laugh at your brothers most of all. One time Ty zoomed past us in the kitchen and you thought it was the funniest thing! You gave one great big laugh when he did it but refused to repeat it when he tried to zoom by again. You still sleep pretty well at night and frequently sleep for 6-7 hours at a time. You have started hating driving in the car at night. You still love the swing and take lots of naps in it. You have a little bald spot on the back of your head where the hair has all rubbed off. You recently started to love to look at your mobile above your swing. It can entertain you for quite awhile! You really don’t care for the pacifier and we have pretty much given up on using it with you."

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Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Play All Day

I have really enjoyed having the opportunity to scrapbook with girl products lately, that has not however changed my love of awesome boy scrapbook products! I was instantly in love when I saw "Scoot" by Echo Park. It was an instant favorite and I picked it up the first chance I got. It was perfect for scrapbooking these photos of Spencer playing with his all time favorite toy--trains!

The title was cut out on my new Silhouette Portrait. I opted to get the smaller machine as I already have a nice supply of Cricut machines and space has become an issue lately in my scrapbook room. I mainly wanted it for it's cut and print feature which does work really well! It's been a fun little addition to my die cutting machine addiction. I also cut out the little arrow cut with it.

I also had a lot of fun adding little bits of Queen and Company Washi tape, buttons, and pearls. I really love Queen and Company embellishments and find they work just as well for boy pages as they do for girls--even the pearls!

I also used another new tool on this page, my new date stamp by K and Company. I love that is has some super fun phrases as well as the date stamp!

The journaling on this page reads: "Spencer, one of your all time favorite toys is our wooden train set! You have loved it for quite some time and can frequently be found play with it! You especially love the Thomas the Train characters! I love it when we sit down together and build a giant new track together. It’s one of my favorite things to do with you!"

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Tuesday, March 5, 2013

4 Months Old

I love doing monthly baby layouts! It gives me a chance to capture a snapshot of time and remember all the fun of each baby stage. Today's layout is about Claire at 4 months old. It's hard to believe she already about twice that age! Time really does fly!

I used the fabulous My Girl collection from My Mind's Eye for this layout. It has become a new favorite collection of mine (it's so fun to play with girl colors and patterns now).

The "4" cut was done with my Cricut and the Graphically Speaking cartridge. The buttons and pink Washi Tape are by Queen and Company.

The journaling reads: "Claire, you now weigh 11 ½ lbs. You recently moved up to size 2 diapers and wear 3 month sized clothes. You love to smile and smile all the time! You started pawing at toys and other objects. You also started sitting in your Bumbo and play saucer where you bat toys around. Your neck is getting very strong and you can hold it up well while you are on your tummy. You frequently demand to be held upright so you can better see everything! At Ty’s arrow of light ceremony you demanded that grandma hold you up where you could look at and see everything that happened. You are very interested in everything happening around you. You will no longer take a bottle at all. You were the cutest little Witch for Halloween! You still spit up all over the place and we are fairly certain that you spit up even more than Blake did as a baby! Thankfully you seemed to have gown out of the phase where the spit up would also come out your nose and make you cry. You love it when your “fan club” (a.k.a your big brothers) arrive home from school each day and you start smiling at them the moment they pile into the van after school!

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Monday, March 4, 2013

Hints at What's Coming

Sorry to be so absent! It is never my intent to have that happen! I don't even have very many good excuses this time, we have just simply been enjoying life--and being more present in all the small moments this past month. Having a baby in the house again reminds me just how fast all these moments fly by and I'm trying desperately to soak in all these fleeting stages before they are gone! So I've been busy cuddling, holding, playing with, feeding, and singing to Claire; teaching Blake how to make Origami animals, boomerangs and Ninja stars--as well as a bunch of Cub scout stuff; helping Ty with his homework, projects, and plans for moving up to middle school; and working with Spencer to have more communication tools--including a daily calendar and tasks chart where he can communicate more to us about the activities coming up in his day/week/month. It's been a month full of fun, work, and lots of family togetherness and I've really enjoyed it all. 

I've also been busy creating things--as usual. So the good news is I have a large backlog of projects to display. The bad news is I'm going to start tomorrow. So for today I'm just leaving you with little previews of what's coming over the next couple of weeks!

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