Thursday, April 10, 2014

Easter Bunnies

A friend and I love to get together and make small gifts we can take with us when we go and visit ladies from our church (our church calls it visit teaching). This month we decided to make these cute little bunnies from the Silhouette store (by Pebbles). The ears are made from paper by Pebbles and the embellishments are by Queen and Company. We stuffed them full of yummy chocolates! Hopefully their recipients will find them as fun to receive as we did making them!

Sunday, April 6, 2014

My Creative Scrapbook Kits Guest Designer

As I posted earlier this week, I had the wonderful opportunity to guest design for My Creative Scrapbook Kits this month. They have several different types of kits available each month to kit different scrapbooking styles. I was lucky enough to work with their creative kit, which was a perfect match for my style of scrapbooking. I loved looking over their past months kits and seeing that the style of their creative kits is always consistently bright and cute, and also full of great embellishments. It's a rare thing to find a kit that always fits my style, but I'm happy to report that these do!

I'm so glad they asked me to guest design! These are the other three layouts I made with their kit this month:

Sweet Little Wildflower
The journaling reads"  “I was so excited to take you for your first bluebonnet photo shoot Claire! I?ve wanted to do that with a little girl for a long time and I finally had my chance with you! You seemed a little confused at first about what was going on when we plopped you down in the flowers, but you quickly became excited to reach out and grab a hold of them. It was really fun to carry on this Texas tradition with you! March 29th 2013” 

Pulling Up
“You have been on the go for a little while now Claire, but you have recently achieved a new feat. You started to pull up to a stand using anything and everything that is within your reach. This can include furniture, walls, or people's legs! No matter what it is you are determined to be up! March 28th 2013”

Best Day Ever
Journaling reads: “One of my favorite days with you Claire was the day we all went to Lagoon as part of our family reunion! It was your second trip to an amusement part, but your first time being old enough to go on any of the rides. You were positively thrilled to go on the small rides in the kiddie area, and you really enjoyed the carousal. Playing in the water and going down some small slides in the water park was also something you really enjoyed! I?m very happy to see that you seem to have inherited our love of rides and thrills Claire! –July 2013”

Here us a look at the Creative kit:

Have a great day everyone!

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Something Exciting To Share!

This past month I've been hard at work as a guest designer for My Creative Scrapbook! I was excited when they asked as I have a dear scrapbooking friend Alicia Giess, who I know is on their team and does exquisite work with their beautiful kits!

I got to play with their "Creative Kit" this month and I just loved it! I've done design work for kit companies before and I always enjoy it, but I don't always love every single thing in the kits. This time was totally different though! I love the entire kit and as I looked over their past kits I could see that their creative kit is always orientated towards playful, bright, fun, patterned paper and embellishments. Just my style! 

They posted a sneak peek of their kits yesterday and one of my layout was included, so I thought I'd share it with you today as well as a few other peeks at some of the other layouts I did.

Here are the peeks at my other three layouts.

The full reveal of the kits in on April 5th, so I'll have even more to share with you then! Happy Wednesday!