Sunday, January 31, 2010

2 More Layouts

Here is a quick look at the last 2 layouts I did for I again, featured Spencer in these layouts as he seems to be on my mind a lot lately. We are just starting his medical treatments and trying to make progress with getting a word or two out of him. He is also potty training lately, and doing well--however, I'll spare you the details there. Hopefully, this will be something that is finished quickly, despite the challenge of him being non-verbal.
So here are my layouts. The first one is just something I wanted to do for myself to document many of the things we are working on with Spencer. I want him to know someday what we--and he--went through at this stage of his life.
And this last one is just documenting some of these simple moments between Spencer and I. He has been my only child who like to snuggle and cuddle and there are times I enjoy that immensely!
Thanks for stopping by! I'll have Queen and Company CHA layouts coming up next!

Friday, January 29, 2010

New KMA Layouts

Just a quick share today. These are my 2 of December layouts for I had a lot of fun with some photos of Spencer, both very recent (you can see his bandaged finger from our recent trip to the ER) and one not so recent (back when he was just 10 months old and a major drooler). Click for a closer look and to read the journaling.
A few detail shots here:
I'll have 2 more to post tomorrow and then a whole bunch of projects I did with the latest Queen and Company for their CHA booth to post over the next week or so. Thanks for stopping by!

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Baby it's cold outside

I know, I know...many of you will think I'm a wimp as I whine about our cold weather. But seriously, one of the main reasons my family moved here over some other choices was because "we do not do cold weather." Period. End of story. So seeing that the low for Thursday morning is predicted to be in the ****teens**** did not start off my day the way I wanted. Normally around here we might have 1 or 2 days where the low flirts with the freezing mark. We have already had that and then some. My hibiscus bush is already likely dead. My poor mother's citrus trees look awful. And my neighbors banana trees are dumping armloads of dead branches in my backyard. I have had enough. This had better be it. I need some warm weather! Now I need to add washer fluid to my cars that won't freeze like the stuf that is in their now and wrap our pipes. I haven't had to do that in many years. Anyhow, whine over. The good news about cold weather is that is keeps me inside and scrapbooking. I've been very busy with several projects that I can't share as they are due for release over the next few weeks, but I have also done a bunch I can share. So here is my much needed scrapbook update: First off, I'm way behind on showing my layouts for, so here are all my layouts from the past 2 months over there (just click for a larger view):
These last few are just ones I did for fun, and not for any specific company.
This is Spencer from last Halloween. He was a perfect little monkey, in every sense of the phrase.
Here is some proof of all his monkey business. This one is about all the trouble he has been stirring up lately--and if you have seen all the lovely new shades of color on the floor of my scrapbook room lately, you know what I mean! :(
And as many of you have been so kind to ask how working with Creative Memories has been I wanted to post this layout about my sister's wedding. All the paper and leaf stickers on this layout are made by them, and they are so pretty. I had a lot of fun making this layout with their products. I do a slightly different style when I'm doing work for them as I can't mix their products with other companies products as I did on this layout, however, I have found it to be a wonderful experience! The company and all the people there are just wonderful to work with and I'm having a lot of fun! Mostly I'm doing work for their catalogs and project center, plus some work for an idea book. If you click on that project center link you can see more of what I've been doing with their products.
Anyhow, thanks for stopping by today! I hope you stay warm out there!