Saturday, July 14, 2007

While having my parents here...

...we visited the Natural History Museum and the Space Center. Both very cool places! The boys loved it, and have been talking about spacemen and rockets ever since. We told Blake that the things he was seeing were like "Buzz Lightyear's rocket's" and suddenly that has been all he wants to talk about and pretend to be. Unless of course Ty joins him--then Ty is Buzz and Blake takes great pleasure in pretending to be Zurg. Apparently to Blake--Zurg is cooler--much, much, cooler than Buzz :) Ty on the other hand likes Woody best.

Somewhere in all of that Spencer turned 6 months old...

...cut his first tooth, and started saying his first word (Well babbling really-but I think it should count)! I really was surprised that his first tooth popped up so soon! Both Ty and Blake were closer to 10 months before they had any teeth come through. However, considering how cranky he was at night--for a few nights in a row--I guess I should have suspected something was up!

Once we got back we...

got ready for a visit with my parents. They were here for the 4th of July and we had a wonderful time! The 4th also happens to be Marc's birthday so we did double duty with his birthday celebration and our Nation's. I think Marc's new camping gear should come in quite handy in his role as Scoutmaster!

On a side note, you should always wait to add chocolate filling to a German chocolate cake until the cake is 100% cool. Otherwise the top layer might just slide off the bottom one as you sing "Happy Birthday." Not that I know from experience, but it could happen! Thankfully however, I hear that warm German Chocolate cake with melted chocolate filling is still very tasty :) Anyhow, happy birthday sweetie! I'm glad it was yummy!

After cake and ice cream we topped off the day with some fireworks and sparklers. Over all a very good day!

After the photo shoots...

We headed up to see my Sister-In Law get remarried. It was a wonderful trip and a very happy moment to see this family re-united! She made a lovely bride too!

And the circles consisted of...

Well last time I said we had been running in circles so I thought I'd post what that exactly ment. First off I had a few photo shoots that were a lot of fun. Beautiful kids and I just love the coon skin cap one of the parents brought with them! Way too much fun!

Saturday, July 7, 2007

Running In Circles

Well, June just flew by around here. We have had guests visiting us, a trip to my sister-in-law's wedding, birthdays, father's day, scout camp, the end of summer school, and Marc's new summer job to keep us busy! All of this on top of the regular stuff that always keeps us busy and I guess you could say I feel like we have been running in circles.

Not long ago Ty was truly running in circles around Blake and our kitchen table so I took this picture. It seemed to fit how I was feeling!

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