Thursday, April 10, 2014

Easter Bunnies

A friend and I love to get together and make small gifts we can take with us when we go and visit ladies from our church (our church calls it visit teaching). This month we decided to make these cute little bunnies from the Silhouette store (by Pebbles). The ears are made from paper by Pebbles and the embellishments are by Queen and Company. We stuffed them full of yummy chocolates! Hopefully their recipients will find them as fun to receive as we did making them!

Sunday, April 6, 2014

My Creative Scrapbook Kits Guest Designer

As I posted earlier this week, I had the wonderful opportunity to guest design for My Creative Scrapbook Kits this month. They have several different types of kits available each month to kit different scrapbooking styles. I was lucky enough to work with their creative kit, which was a perfect match for my style of scrapbooking. I loved looking over their past months kits and seeing that the style of their creative kits is always consistently bright and cute, and also full of great embellishments. It's a rare thing to find a kit that always fits my style, but I'm happy to report that these do!

I'm so glad they asked me to guest design! These are the other three layouts I made with their kit this month:

Sweet Little Wildflower
The journaling reads"  “I was so excited to take you for your first bluebonnet photo shoot Claire! I?ve wanted to do that with a little girl for a long time and I finally had my chance with you! You seemed a little confused at first about what was going on when we plopped you down in the flowers, but you quickly became excited to reach out and grab a hold of them. It was really fun to carry on this Texas tradition with you! March 29th 2013” 

Pulling Up
“You have been on the go for a little while now Claire, but you have recently achieved a new feat. You started to pull up to a stand using anything and everything that is within your reach. This can include furniture, walls, or people's legs! No matter what it is you are determined to be up! March 28th 2013”

Best Day Ever
Journaling reads: “One of my favorite days with you Claire was the day we all went to Lagoon as part of our family reunion! It was your second trip to an amusement part, but your first time being old enough to go on any of the rides. You were positively thrilled to go on the small rides in the kiddie area, and you really enjoyed the carousal. Playing in the water and going down some small slides in the water park was also something you really enjoyed! I?m very happy to see that you seem to have inherited our love of rides and thrills Claire! –July 2013”

Here us a look at the Creative kit:

Have a great day everyone!

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Something Exciting To Share!

This past month I've been hard at work as a guest designer for My Creative Scrapbook! I was excited when they asked as I have a dear scrapbooking friend Alicia Giess, who I know is on their team and does exquisite work with their beautiful kits!

I got to play with their "Creative Kit" this month and I just loved it! I've done design work for kit companies before and I always enjoy it, but I don't always love every single thing in the kits. This time was totally different though! I love the entire kit and as I looked over their past kits I could see that their creative kit is always orientated towards playful, bright, fun, patterned paper and embellishments. Just my style! 

They posted a sneak peek of their kits yesterday and one of my layout was included, so I thought I'd share it with you today as well as a few other peeks at some of the other layouts I did.

Here are the peeks at my other three layouts.

The full reveal of the kits in on April 5th, so I'll have even more to share with you then! Happy Wednesday!

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Little Miss Messy Face

I'm working hard to try and catch up with some of the early months of Claire's first year. Now that she is approaching two I think if I don't get moving fast I'll quickly forget just what she was like as a baby!
This layout is about her first taste of solid foods. It uses the very bright and fun "Beautiful Life" collection from Echo Park. There is also lots of fun enamel dots from Queen and Company. The title was cut out on my Silhouette Cameo.

The journaling reads: At six months old Claire, you were finally old enough to try your first baby food. As a family we all watched as you tasted your first bite of peaches. You were highly surprised by this new taste and your brothers found your reaction hilarious. With just a few more spoonfuls you quickly got over your surprise and ended up enjoying this new treat! Jan 4th 2013

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

She's On The Go!

Hi everyone! I have another layout to share today featuring the American Crafts My Girl collection. This one is all about Claire as she started to crawl. She started out slow, but it took no time at all for her to really take off.

The title was done on my Cricut Mini as were the paper hearts. The twine, Washi tape, and pearls are all by Queen and Company. The journaling reads: "Claire, you started crawling almost 2 months ago with a funny combination of an army crawl and an inch worm push forward. It was adorable, but it didn’t last long. Before we knew it you were zooming around on all fours and going practically anywhere you wanted! Now you are an expert and I think you are very leased with your ability to be mobile without any help from us! 4/30/2013"

Have a great Tuesday!

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

The Very First Kiss

For those of you who may not know, my youngest son Spencer is autistic and non verbal, yet he is also very loving, kind, and sweet. His autism is not classical in the sense that he is quite affectionate and craves physical touch and attention. Knowing that will help you make a little bit more sense out of the journaling on this page about the relationship he has developed with his little sister.

The papers, stickers, 3D embellishments and letters are all by American Crafts as pasrt of their "My Girl" collection. The buttons and washi tape are by Queen and Company. 

The journaling reads: "When you were first born Claire, Spencer didn’t really know what to think about you. When he came to meet you at the hospital he didn’t really understand what was going on like your older brothers did. Still, he held you for a moment and gave you this kiss on the head. Now, a year later, you two are great friends and playmates! Spencer now loves you very much and loves to kiss you. He is so patient, kind, and loving towards you, even when you are messing up his stuff. When that happens he gently picks you up under your arms and carries you carefully off to where you can’t reach his things—all the while kissing you on top of your head as if to say “I love you Claire, but please stay out of my things.” He also always makes sure that he kisses you goodnight even if you don’t really want him to. You are very lucky to have Spencer as your brother Claire! Photo July 7th 2013, Journaling Fall 2013"

Thank you for stopping by!

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

CHA time is my Favorite!

I really love this time of the year! The Craft and Hobby industry has their biggest trade show of the year and that means I'm usually super busy preparing for it and creating projects to be displayed at it. This year I had the wonderful privilege to do several projects as well as lots of photography for the Queen and Company booth. I thoroughly enjoyed the experience and have been really looking forward to showing you what I was up to. For today I'm going to show the colleges I put together for the 5 new lines of Washi Tapes Queen and Company released this show. f you follow my blog you know how much I love and use Washi tape so I was in heaven working with these lovely new designs.

Here are the colleges I put together showcasing the new tapes:

The Darling Diva Collection

The On The Go Collection

The Magic Collection

The Summer Splash Collection

The Valentines Collection

I'll show close ups and additional projects from these line over the next week or two! These is so much to share! Thanks for visiting today!

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Sweet Little Monkey

Merry Christmas everyone!

Today I just have a quick share of a recent favorite layout of mine. Claire used to fit in this adorable monkey outfit. It really fit her personality at the time too!

The papers and stickers here are by Lilly Bee, the buttons by Basic Grey, the Washi tape and enamel dots by Queen and Company. I cut the monkey out on my Cricut using the Stork's Delivery Cartridge.

The journaling reads: Grandma bought you this cute little monkey outfit Claire just as you started to sit up. We loved it from the cute ears to the soft tail because it fit your emerging personality so perfectly! You can certainly be an adorable “little monkey.” January 2013"

Have a wonderful Christmas everyone!

Thursday, December 19, 2013

Just needed a little break

I'm so sorry to have disappeared for so long...I'm afraid that frequently happens around this time of year. It often starts (like this year) by getting sick and then having that sickness travel though the whole family. Then of course the craziness of the holidays (and we have a couple of birthdays in there as well), plus this year my computer completely blew up...complete with a smoking (and totally ruined) hard drive. (Back up your files friends--I was really glad I had 90% of my stuff backed up, including all of my family photos!) So recovering from all of that simply added up to taking a break from my bolg. 

Today however I'm back in the swing of things and I have a simple and fun Christmas project to share:

It's just a simple frame from Walmart that I added six stockings too, one for each of us. The stockings and holly leaves shapes are SVGs from Miss Kate Cuttables. The papers are some older ones I had in my stash from Chatterbox. The script along the bottom was cut on my Silhouette Portrait along with the "Lavanderia" font.  

I embossed my stockings with my Cuttlebug, and the "Dotted Swiss" and "Holly Ribbons" embossing folders. I used Queen and Company red pearls for my holly berries and Queen and Co. Red Washi tape to hang them across my frame. 

So thanks for coming back and stopping by my little blog again! I hope you have a wonderful day!

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Do Your Best

Just about a year ago, Blake turned 8 and joined the Cub Scouts as a wolf. He was pretty excited about it as he has spent the past three years watching Ty participate in Cub Scouts and he has observed just how much fun it is. Just days after his birthday he was able to participate in the annual Rain Gutter Regatta. He won several of his races and had a lot of fun. " Do You Best" is the Cub Scout Motto and I think Blake is always trying to do that so it seemed a perfect title for this layout.

The papers and stickers, tags, and flags here are by Basic Grey, and the twine, Washi Tape, Buttons, and Enamel Dots are by Basic Grey. The title was cut with my Silhouette Portrait and the stamp is by K and Co. 

The journaling reads: "One of the presents you received for your 8th birthday Blake, was a Cub Scout uniform. You modeled it for me right away. You have been excited to be Cub Scout for some time as you watched Ty go through the ranks. You were especially excited that you turned 8 just in time to participate in the Rain Gutter Regatta! Have a great time “doing your best” in Scouts Blake! --September 2012"

Have a great day!

Saturday, October 19, 2013

Another Saturday Sketch!

Hi everyone! Just like last weekend I have another Saturday Sketch for you today. Do me a favor and if you like mt sketches, pin them!  I get a large portion of my blog traffic from Pinterest these days and I'd love to have more. Thanks and enjoy!

Friday, October 18, 2013

5 Months

It's hard for me to believe that Claire is actually 15 months old! These photos seem like just yesterday!

Someday I'll have all 12 of her first year photo shoots scrapbooked, but at this rate it might be another year or two! Anyhow, here is Claire at 5 months:

The papers, buttons, and tags are by Basic Grey from their Knee-highs and Bow-ties line, Queen and Company Washi tapes and rhinestones, American Crafts large plastic flowers and letters. The ladybug was cut out on my Cricut using the Tiny Treasures cartridge. 

The journaling reads: "What a growth spurt Claire! You now weigh in at 14 lbs! You moved up to 3-6 month sized clothes, but can still wear some of your 3 month sized clothes. Your face is really starting to fill out and get that “Gerber baby look.” Everywhere I take you people come up to me and want to see you. They love your smiles and always say how beautiful and happy you are! You look super cute in your Christmas dresses at church. You met Santa and didn't holler at him. You are grasping things better and love to be in your play saucer and to have toys to hold. You still hate the car at night, but like it during the day. You seem to like music and you like to have me sing to you. You also like the “Baby Santa” DVD and sometimes I use it to get you to fall asleep. You don’t sleep through the night anymore, but you do sleep pretty well. You usually just get up once around 3-4am for a quick eat and then go straight back to sleep. You still charm everyone with your great big smiles. Your whole body smiles now as you wave your arms and kick your feet when you are excited or extra happy. You recently found your feet and often will grab and hold on to them when I change your diaper. You can roll over, but it is more of an accident than a choice. The drool is on and you are starting to soak your shirts more with drool than spit up. You are also constantly chewing on your hands and anything you can get in your mouth. You have a very strong little neck and are always trying to hold it up off the ground so you can look around. You are more patient than you used to be. You love to be held in a standing position. Dec 2012"

Have a great Friday!