Monday, February 28, 2011

Confetti time!

Confetti was the other American Craft line I choose to work with for my February assignments at A very fun line full of great birthday motifs! I finished up scrapbooking Spencer's first birthday with it!

A few months ago I did a page about him digging into his first birthday cake, but I still wanted a layout of him figuring out how to open presents and explore what it means to have toys that were just for him!

Happy Monday everyone!

Friday, February 25, 2011

Campy Trails #3

Quick post to do list is a mile long :)

This was the last Campy Trails layout I did, and pretty much the last of the papers too. I'm already getting ready an order for more as these were really fun to work with!

This layout was something I've put off for a long time. It's a more or less a traditional topic to scrapbook when it comes to baby pages, but with Spencer losing all his first words and becoming non-verbal, it became a bit of a tender topic. It pulled on my heart strings when I thought about scrapbooking it, but still, I wanted to remember those sweet few months when he did have words and what they were.

I'm most proud of the fact that "mama" was his first and most used word--at least until "snack" came along :) I have some video of him saying "mama" that I will treasure forever!

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Thursday, February 24, 2011

More Campy Trails...

...just as promised! This layout uses a photo I love and one I've scrapbooked before, however, that layout went to CHA and never came back. I figured it was time to re-scrapbook it since I love it so :)

It felt right to use it for a layout expressing my thoughts about finding myself a mom to three boys--and no girls. This is something I never thought would happen before I got married. I had plans for at least one daughter, plans like mother/daughter outings, shopping trips, girly clothes, crafting together, chick flicks, hair bows, etc, etc.

Well, those plans are currently on hold for nieces and (hopefully) granddaughters! Still, it's funny how well God's plan for me and our family just...fits...perfectly! In raising my boys I have come to see just how well suited we are for each other! And so I did this layout to document that feeling.

Again, this uses the new Campy Trails line from American Crafts. The large flowers on this were completely inspired by the small flower delights from their Confetti line (I used two of them on this layout, but wanted bigger ones to match):

They don't make these for the Campy Trails line, so I decided to make my own. One of the best things about these new lines from American Crafts is the little thin little patterned strip on the back of the barcode strip (and you can't see them in the images you find online of these papers--but trust me they are awesome). Each paper has a differnet strip on the back and these are perfect for making your own "delights" I just cut two of them up into 4" strips, then folded the ends of each strip into the midde with a little glue to secure them. Then I stacked three of these folded strips together and topped them with a button. Very fast, very easy, very cute! You can see more of the ones I made on the layout from yesterday's post as well.

Oh yeah, the journaling on this layout reads: "I’ll admit with each pregnancy I thought I was having a girl. I always thought I’d have at least one daughter and it really surprised me when I found myself the mother of three boys instead! Still, I can see now just how well suited I am to raising boys, and dealing with their unique challenges….and also how perfectly we fit together as a family! I’m so glad that Heavenly Father knew me better then I did, and sent me you three wonderful boys instead of daughters. He clearly knew we were perfect matches for each other! February 20, 2011"

Have a great day everyone!

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Campy Trails... in the new line from American Crafts that I ordered for my layouts this month. I love the colors in this line--which should be no surprise as orange is one of the dominant colors in the color scheme ( I *heart* orange). I got it thinking I would scrapbook some of our fun camping trips, however, this line is very versatile and even through I did three layouts with it, none of them ended up being about camping. I'm going to have to order more of this line for those photos :)

This layout ended up being my favorite; it's about all the phrases that Blake constantly uses lately.


The journaling reads: If only I had a dollar for every time I’ve heard “How do you know?” from you this past year Blake! You are always asking me that every time I answer one of you many daily questions! Another “Blake-ism” we hear all the time comes after we tell you that you are handsome, or creative, or smart; you instantly say “Yes, I know!” Lately you have also become a bit of a brown noser! You are always telling me or other adults that work with you, “You are the best mom/teacher/cook ever!” or that today was “The best day/party/trip/birthday/Christmas ever!” It always makes me smile to hear these phrases that are uniquely you! --Blake age 5-6"

More from this line in upcoming days! Thanks for stopping by today!

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Simple Birthday Card

I did this one in hopes of making it into the upcoming Cricut Birthday Idea Book...I'll cross my fingers that it gets picked up!

I'm loving the "Boys Will Be Boys" cartridge my sweet husband gave me for Christmas. Lots of great images like this fun monster! The present is from the Creative Memories Cheerful Seasons cartridge, and the papers are by Creative Memories as well. Sentiment is a stamp by Heidi Swapp, the jewels are by Queen and Company, and the tiny alpha stickers are by Cosmo Cricket. Ribbon is from Hobby Lobby.

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Thursday, February 10, 2011

Pebbles Love Cards

Well it is freezing again here so I'm hiding out inside and tying up a couple of lose ends on some projects. At least this weather is good for helping me find time to scrapbook--I can't think of much else it's good for! Spring please hurry up!

Okay, enough whining about the weather! Today it's my turn again up on the Pebbles blog! Our theme this week was "Love" and I decided to make a couple of cards for giving away this month:

I had a lot of fun using their adorable Twitterpated line for these projects. Great colors, fabulous patterns, lots of super fun matching embellishments--what more could a girl want?!
There are lots more love themed projects on the Pebbles blog--be sure and stop by and check them out!

Have a great day!

Monday, February 7, 2011

Forgotten Layout

This poor layout somehow got missed. I meant to post it to my blog a few months ago, but in all the shuffle of life, it somehow never made it. Today I'm making up for that omission!

I did this for in November, and the photo may look familiar, I posted here after school started. It is from the first day of school as Ty tossed his arm around his brother and told Blake he would take care of him on his first day of Kindergarten. Such a sweet moment--I had to have a layout of it!

Happy Monday to you all!

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Last of my February Nook Kit...

This time I stuck to working with some boys photos as there were some really great papers in this kit that work well with them too!

These are Ty's friends from last years class. Thankfully a lot of them ended up in his third grade class and he is having a great time with them again this year.

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