Thursday, May 26, 2011

Spencer's Duck Face

As promised, more Hello Sunshine today on another of my May layouts for

Your Silly Duck Face

The journaling reads: "At least once a day I find you Spencer with your lips pursed like this! I call them your duck lips and even though I have no idea why you pull this expression so often, I do know that it always makes me smile! May 2011"

Gotta run today, lots to do! Have a good one!

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Plenty of Sunshine Here

In paper and in reality! We have had so little rain it is really beginning to be quite hard on the lawn and landscape. We water and water, but it is just soooooo dry! It does make nice weather for playing outside though, and we have done lots of that, and hope to do more when Ty starts to get a bit better. 

As for paper sunshine, here is a May layout using American Crafts' very fun, bright, and playful collection Hello Sunshine.

Piggyback Rides:

The journaling on this one reads: "Ty takes such good care of you Spencer! One of the things he does for you is give you piggy back rides. He loves to pick you up run around the house or yard with you on his back. You laugh and squeal with delight and hug his neck, and I smile every time I see this manifestation of his love for you! May 2011"

Ty really does do this all the time, and I'm glad I finally got out the camera and got some photos of it. It really is cute to see what a tender heart Ty has for Spencer. He is a great big brother!

Another Hello Sunshine layout tomorrow!

Have a great Wednesday!

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

More Campy Trails...

Well I thought things were more or less back to normal, but I was wrong :) Poor Ty has really been struggling with allergies and asthma lately. We been to the Dr. a few times trying to figure out what to do to help him, and he's now on a whole bunch of medications/breathing treatments and he is home from school for a bit trying to rest up. He is bummed to be missing some of the last days of school, which are normally much more fun than other days. Hopefully though the rest and medication will help stop the endless coughing that is keeping us up at night and make it so he can enjoy being outside again soon!

Anyhow, before all this started we were able to spend lots of time outside and even do some camping! So I thought I'd put American Crafts' Campy Trails line back to work for some May layouts with a true camping theme.

 Little Naturalist

The journaling on this one reads: "Spencer, I loved watching you during our last camping trip! You were fascinated by the small ant holes around the campsite. It was a pretty common site to see you squatting or lying down right over their holes so you could watch them move in and out. Thankfully, these ants were not fire ants, and you never had a problem with them biting you! April 2011"

Camping Entertainment

The journaling on this one reads: "Camping at the beach gave us lots of extra things to do during our last trip; however, we still found time to partake in the usual camping entertainment as well. We flew kites, took bike rides, played horseshoes, explored the state park, and sang campfire songs while roasting marshmallows. It was a really fun and relaxing trip! April 2011"

Tomorrow I'll have some "Hello Sunshine" for you!

Have a great day!

Saturday, May 14, 2011

New Pebbles Card

Hi everyone, sorry for the long absence! We have been sick around here and busy with some projects that I just couldn't share. I'm hoping to finally shake this lingering cold this weekend as it has been driving me crazy all week. Not enough to really slow me down too much, but enough to be really annoying!

Anyhow, now that blogger also seems to be working again, here is a little card I made for my Mom that went up on the Pebbles blog this past week. 

It's a simple one, using their Happy Go Lucky line, but I had fun putting it together!

Hopefully I'm back now to a more regular blogging schedule! Have a happy weekend everyone!

Wednesday, May 4, 2011


Yes, it is waaaaaay to early for Halloween, but not so in magazine land so I whipped up this fun little card using my Cricut and the totally adorable Mini Monsters Cartridge. For someone who loves Halloween as much as I do, this cartridge is perfect. My mom and I have already started cooking up some fun home decor plans with the images we can cut with this cartridge. 

The papers here are from American Crafts' Campy Trails line. I adore the colors in this line and even though we love to camp and I really need to scrapbook some camping photos with this line, somehow they keep creeping into lots of my other projects as well! Good thing I ordered lots! :) Anyhow, I also used my Creative Memories Reminisce Accents cartridge to cut the orange lattice work for the roof. It just felt like it needed a little something more up there!

And on a side note, have you discovered Pinterest yet?! I think I may be in love! I've had so much fun browsing and pinning there...and discovered so many inspiring and simply cool ideas! I'm not sure how I ever surfed the web without it before! Email me if you want an invite!

Have a great day everyone!

Monday, May 2, 2011

Romp, Chomp, and Stomp

This week on the Pebbles blog they are showcasing layouts and projects made by mixing the great Pebbles lines with lines from their parent company American Crafts. I had a lot of fun with my project, some dinosaurs for Ty's bedroom wall. He has been after me to help him get some dinosaurs up on his wall ever since we let him have his own room last summer. Once I stumbled across these adorable dinosaur SVG files at Lettering Delights I knew I finally had a great way to get some fun ones made!

These papers are a mix of Happy Go Lucky, Hello Sunshine, Ever After, and Campy Trails. I used my Cricut to not only cut the dinosaurs but the little captions as well (The caption font is SS Whimsy). Be sure and check out the other great American Crafts/Pebbles projects all this week on the Pebbles blog!

Have a happy Monday!