Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Birthday Boy

My last several posts featured layout using Doodlebug's Sugar Shoppe line and today I have a couple of layouts to share using Doodlebug's boy birthday line "Hip, Hip, Hooray." I adore this line! It is perfect for little boy birthday photos, and the cute little monster washi tape and stickers are so adorable!

I was so excited that I got my hands on this line just as a mini miracle occurred and I found photos of Blake's first birthday that I thought had been lost. Blake will be 10 this year, and we thought we had lost them just after his first birthday so it's been many years since I'd even seen these photos. They turned up on a CD that was labeled as something else that I thought was unimportant--at least until I checked it out to see if I should trash it or not. Thank goodness I checked!

Anyhow, here are two layouts about his first birthday: (Side note--I can't believe how much he looks like Claire!)

This first layout is simply called Birthday Boy and is about his birthday cake smash.

The journaling reads: For many years Blake, we thought these photos of your first birthday had been lost. Amazingly though, they turned up on a mislabeled CD recently and I was so excited to see them! I loved watching the video of you poking at and daintily picking at your first birthday cake until you realized how good it tasted. Once you knew you dug in with excitement and made a real mess. I’m s glad to have these memories back! September 2005"

And this one titled "Birthday Gifts" about the presents he received that year. For some reason my photo shows this layout kind of crooked, but I promise it's straight in real life!

The journaling on this layout reads: "You received lots of fun presents for your first birthday Blake, but I think one of your favorites was the mop and broom set we picked out for you. You always liked to play with the real versions--imitating me as I cleaned--and you were very excited to have your very own miniature set! --Sept. 2005"

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Thursday, May 15, 2014

Cake Smash

My last layout using the Doodlebug Sugar shoppe line was this layout about Claire actually smashing her cake. For accents I made some paper flowers from various papers in the line by punching "petals" with my triangle banner punch (Stampin' Up) and used some old glittered buttons from my stash for centers.

The journaling reads: "It was so fun to watch you Claire, dig into your first birthday cake. You daintily poked at it at first, but before long you were grabbing fistfuls of cake in order to feel the frosting squish between your fingers. You were more interested in playing with it than in eating it, but you did take several bites before the cake tipped over. I think your favorite part was all the attention you received as we all cheered you on! July 2013"

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Birthday Balloons

Another layout I did using the super cute Sugar Shoppe collection from Doodlebug. I adore the papers and elements in this collection! Because of the theme of this layout I also cut out a few balloons on my Cameo using SVGs from Miss Kate Cuttables. At first I struggled with how to add the three photos with two horizontal and one being vertical to the design I had in mind. Using the paper strips to make each grouping a square solved that problem!

The journaling reads: "The morning after your birthday Claire you had just about as much fun playing with this big bunch of balloons as you did playing with your new toys! You laughed and smiled as you touched them and climbed over them! It was super cute! 7/13"

Friday, May 9, 2014

Party Time!

I have been waiting for a really cute line to come along to scrapbook Claire's first birthday photos. I knew the Sugar Shoppe line from Doodlebug was the perfect line the moment I saw it! It was a great match not only for the colors in my photo but for all the fun girly birthday embellishment in the line.

This is the first layout I did with the line.

I really enjoyed adding the enamel dots and sequins as well as cutting out my own hand drawn title on my cameo as accents. I used a simple and inexpensive VisTablet PenPad along with the free program inkscape to draw and clean up my handwritting (and save it as a svg), then I imported my svg into silhouette studio and cut it out from some of the pink patterned paper in this line.

The journaling on this layout reads: "Planning your first birthday party was so much fun for me Claire! Thanks to Pinterest I had some very cute ideas on how to do your first birthday cake smash. I had a great time making your giant cupcake, decorating the backdrop, and in picking the perfect outfit for you to wear. It was worth all the effort as you seemed to have a wonderful time with it all and I was able to capture some of my all time favorite photos of you Claire! 7/13"

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Monday, May 5, 2014

Guest Designing for My Creative Scrapbook May Kits!

Last month I had such a good time designing for My Creative Scrapbook Kits that I decided to come back again for May. Yet again they have put out another simple beautiful creative kit and I feel so lucky to have had the chance to play with it.

Here are the four layouts I made with the kit:

The journaling reads: You kids can really have no idea how much I love to see the kindness and caring you have for each other! The way you older boys care for and help both Spencer and Claire warms my heart! And the fun that I see between both Spencer and Claire, and between Ty and Blake is one of my favorite things to watch. I love that you are friends! I hope that as you get older you will continue to be good friends and to always watch over and take care of each other. April 2014

The journaling reads: "Yes, my family is everything to me! I love each of you so much, and find so much happiness and joy in the love our family has for each other. My favorite moments are ones that we spend together doing fun activities and in just being with each other. I am so very grateful for each and every one of you! April 2014"

Journaling reads: "I just loved seeing you two girls together during Savannah’s recent visit to Texas Claire! The two of you explored the zoo, shared toys, “talked” to each other, and went down our small slide together. It was really cute to see. You two are only a few months apart in age and I hope that means that over the years you will get to be close friends. March 2014"

Journaling reads: "Spencer and Claire, you two have quite a funny relationship! Ty and Blake just adore you Claire and pretty much put up with whatever it is you are up to with a smile. Spencer loves you lots as well and frequently you play and laugh together, and are adorable as you chase each other around the house giggling. However, Spencer is not a softie for your big smile and cute face like your older brothers are. He loves you lots and finds playing with you to be lots of fun, yet he still will get upset with you if you mess up his trains, eat his food, or get into something of his that you shouldn’t. He will tattle on you and give you dirty looks, and pick you up and move you away from his stuff. Still, after all the trouble you can cause him, he will still lovingly kiss you and hug you and bring you toys. It’s clear that you two have a much more traditional sibling relationship than your adoring older brothers do with you and yet it’s also clear that Spencer loves you very much! March 2014"