Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Layout a Day--Day 5 and 6

Opps! Well yesterday was crazy busy so I never did get a blog post up--so today you get two projects instead of one.

In honor of the season I actually have some Christmas layouts to share today. Both feature Echo Park's new line: Season's Greetings. 

First up "The Clone Trooper Christmas."

The journaling reads: "About two weeks after Halloween you Blake started to get really excited about the Clone Troopers from Star Wars. It was all you talked about for weeks and the only thing you wanted for Christmas was to have a Clone Trooper costume. It was really cute to see you find the costume hanging up and waiting for you on Christmas morning. You put it on right away and even wore it while you learned to ride your new Bike—which you were excited about, but not anywhere near as excited as you were about this costume! December 25th 2008"

 And here is my extra layout, "Sitting on Santa's Lap."

The journaling on this one reads: "Last year you older boys were very eager to talk to Santa! For months the two of you had been plotting on what you wanted to ask him for and working hard to be extra good and worthy of receiving it. You Blake asked for a Lego Minotaurus game. You had seen it online and had been wishing for it ever since. Ty, you wanted a Pogo stick. I'm not sure where you got the idea, but you were really hoping for one! You boys must have been good because Santa did bring the items on your wish list. Spencer you still don't really care much for Santa, but you warmed up to him a little once he handed you a toy and candy cane. --Dec. 2010 "

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Monday, December 5, 2011

Layout a Day--Day 4

Soccer season wrapped up just before Thanksgiving this year, and was a really good activity for Ty to be in this fall. He learned a lot, and for a first time player, he really was pretty good as a defender. I think he had a good time playing and was happy that they won many of their games. He also loved that he was on the same team as his best friend. This layout is about their 4th game day and features the very fun Bella Blvd Making the Team line.

The Journaling reads: "I am so glad that we put you in soccer this fall Ty! It has been so much fun to watch you learn and progress as a player and have a blast at the same time. One of my favorite moments from this year was in your 4th game. You were playing defense and doing a great job of it. You stopped many of the opposing teams’ drives by stealing the ball away. On this drive you blocked the approaching player and stole the ball by kicking it right through his legs. Not bad at all for someone so new to the game! 10/2011"

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Friday, December 2, 2011

Layout A Day--Day 3

Happy Friday everyone! I still can't believe it's December 2nd already! Thank goodness we did finally get the tree up last night and start opening our advent calendars. We have been late getting started with these before and it was my goal not to be late with those this year! We still have plenty of decorating to do, but hopefully this weekend will give us a little time to finish that up. 

Today I have a simple share of a page I did for in October using some lovely Studio Calico Memoir. I also got to use my new Cricut Expression 2 (Locker Talk Cartridge) to make the little camera at the bottom.

4 Year Old Spotlight Stealer

The Journaling reads: "For years Spencer you ignored the camera, you didn't understand what it did and I had to jump through lots of hoops to get a smile out of you. No more though! You have become a bit of a camera hog lately! In fact you love to have me take your picture and you immediately want to see the back of the camera to see how you look. Now when I'm taking pictures of things or other people it's a sure bet that you are going to notice and insist that I take your photo instead. I love that you now understand what a camera does and will willingly pose for me (less hoop jumping for me). I also LOVE that you have so much fun participating and in seeing the results! September 2011"

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Thursday, December 1, 2011

Layout A Day--Day 2

Quick share today, this time of some beautiful Bela Blvd--Finally Fall line. I adore this line and have already used up a bunch of it!

The journaling reads: " You constantly amaze me Blake! You are always one to do things in a creative and unique way. You think outside the box and have a very active imagination. I guess then that it should not have been a big surprise when you decided to pick not one of the hundreds of big orange pumpkins at the pumpkin patch, but this white pumpkin. You loved the fact that was unique from the others—just like you Blake! October 2011"

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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Layout a day starts today

Hi everyone, sorry for the giant gap between posts--life has just been frantic and full of things like sicknesses, big projects, a vacation, and all the usual stuff that sometimes gets in the way of my to-do list. I have also been working on a blog re-design--but that's taking a lot longer than I thought it would, so for now I'll stick with the current design and maybe go back to the changeover sometime after Christmas. To make up for the gap though I'll be doing a layout a day for the next two weeks solid (well on week days at least)--maybe even a little longer as I have a lot of projects to share! 

First off today is this layout I did for last month featuring the beautiful fall colors of the Jillibean Soup Apple Cheddar Soup line.

The journaling reads: "This was the first year we skipped the Oil Ranch and picked out your Halloween pumpkins at a local pumpkin patch instead. It was a very fun outing! The patch had much larger pumpkins than the Oil Ranch and Ty had a good time trying to find the biggest one he could! Blake you were enamored with the white pumpkins and were so excited when we told you that you could have one. Spencer you just wanted a pumpkin small enough for you to easily carry and were pleased to see they had small pumpkins too! October 2011"

Also today I have a couple of  Christmas Cards I made for the Cricut Blog,
that you can check out by visiting their Blog Here.

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Friday, October 14, 2011

Monster Bingo Time And An Announcement

Well, I hinted at this just a little last week, but now I can officially announce something I'm really, really, excited about! I am joining the Cricut Design Team!!!!! If you have been following my blog for a while then you know that over this past year I've completely fallen in love with my Cricut and so I practically leaped out of my chair with excitement when Jana Eubank emailed me about it!

My first project, some Monster Bingo cards, are up on their blog today. You can see a close up here, but you can see the entire project by checking out today's post on the official Cricut Blog.

And if you are a Cricut Circle Member you can see my fist post on the Circle blog here, featuring a Fall card and treat holder.

And since it's Friday I thought I'd do another Friday Flashback--Cricut Style! Here are a few of my favorite Cricut projects that have recently been published in the Cricut Card Magazine using the ultra cute Stork's Delivery Cricut Cartridge.

Thanks for letting me share my excitement! This should be a grand adventure and I'm happy that I'll get to share some of it here on my blog! Have a great Friday!

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Hey, Howdy, Hey

Well, I have picked up a nasty cold somewhere so today's post is going to be short and sweet. Just a simple share of one of my past layouts from last month. It's about Spencer's Halloween costume from last year featuring We R Memory Keepers Spookville collection.

The journaling reads: "Spencer, you made the cutest little Woody for Halloween! It was easy to pick out your costume this year as you love Toy Story so much! You were especially excited to wear your hat as I think it reminded you of how much you love to steal and wear grandpa's cowboy hat! Thankfully now you have one of your own to wear! Halloween 2010"

I'm off to go nurse my cold and find some medication. Have a great day!

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

The First Day Was A Little Rough....

The first day of school for Spencer, that is. He has always had a hard time being left with anyone outside of his family, and the look of utter betrayal in his eyes as I left him screaming and crying in his preschool room was hard on me too. But I knew it was time for him to learn to adjust being with other adults and I knew he was ready for this step. The second day was also hard at drop off time, but that was the last day he cried. In just a few short weeks he has come to love his pre-school so much! Now when we walk into the school he quickly drops my hand and runs to give his teacher a welcoming hug, rarely ever looking back at me. He loves his class now and I love to see him so happy and progressing so nicely with his communication skills. He continues to use his ipad with proloquo2go as his main way of expressing himself, but has also learned lots of new and fun ways to communicate at school. We are so pleased with the progress he has been making lately and consider it a major answer to our prayers on his behalf. 

So here is his first day of school layout. You can see that before he understood that I was going to be leaving him there he was pretty excited about it!

The papers are by Imaginisce from their Geek is Chic line.

The journaling reads: "Today was your first day of preschool Spencer and I am so excited for you! You had a hard time letting me go today, but I think you will quickly become accustomed to it and have a really fun time! You have great teachers that are supposed to be wonderful with autistic children and I know you will learn lots with them. We debated for a long time about when to start you, knowing it would be hard, but also knowing you were ready and needed this specialized help. This timing just feels good to your Dad and I, and we feel like Heavenly Father has helped prepare you and us, and has guided your placement in this program. May you have a wonderful year Spencer! Aug 22 2011" Based on a sketch by Becky Fleck

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Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Ty's First Day of School

Because of my blogging hiatus I haven't yet shown my September layouts here on my blog. One of my favorites from the bunch was this one of Ty and his first day of school using the Basic Grey Oxford line.

The journaling reads: "As you start 4th grade Ty, I am amazed at the young man you are becoming! When did you grow so tall and handsome? It seems like it happened practically over night! You are confident and excited to be starting this year at a beautiful, brand new elementary school but also glad that you know a few administers, teachers, and kids in your class (including your best friend Tristan). I'm excited for you to start this new adventure and hope that your teacher is great and that you have a wonderful year! August 2011." Inspired by a sketch by Becky Fleck

Sadly, his best friend did end up getting moved to a different class, but they still see each other a lot, and he has made many new friends as well!

More of these September layouts to come!
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Thursday, September 29, 2011

Little Wizard

Today I have yet another layout to share with the very fun Nightfall line from American Crafts. I'm a sucker for almost any cute Halloween line and I've been itching to play with this one since it debuted at Summer CHA! This one is about Blake and his "Ron" costume from last Halloween.

The Journaling Reads: " Blake you loved being Ron this Halloween! You and Ty (who went as Harry Potter) had a great time having make-believe duels and reenacting scenes from some of your favorite films! It made for a very fun Halloween! October 2010"

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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

3rd Grade Field Trip

I loved going with Ty last year on his third grade field trip! It is a rare moment that we get to spend time together without Blake and Spencer along and it was nice to have the day to focus just on him! I hope we get more opportunities like this one soon! The papers are again from the very cute Fancy Pant's Off To School Line

The journaling reads: "I had so much fun going with you Ty on your third grade field trip! It is a rare moment when we get to spend some one on one time together and I loved having this chance to attend the play and see the art museum with you. It was also nice to get to know your friends better and watch you interact with them! October 2010."

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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Off to School

Back to school layouts have been a large part of my work the past two months at! Today I have a quick share of a layout about Blake's first day at his new elementary.

Off to School

It uses the very cool and boy friendly Off To School line by Fancy Pants. I love that I have so much of this collection left--I have lots of fun ideas for this line!

The journaling reads: "How grown up you look to me Blake, and you are so ready for first grade! I love seeing how good you are getting at reading and at math. I think you will really enjoy this year as you become even better at reading and see how much fun it can be! 8/12"

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Saturday, September 24, 2011

Fall Family Mini Session Information

Yes, I finally have all the information together for mini sessions this fall. The date will be October 22nd and I will have the following slots:

Morning sessions at Spring Creek Park:

Afternoon sessions at Burroughs Park:

For the first time ever, I will also offer a second date on Sat November 5th to try and fit more of you in. These are the time slots for November 5th

Gleannloch Farms

Just a reminder, these sessions are mini sessions where my goal will be to get 1 or 2 family poses for Christmas cards etc., and 1 pose of each child. Sometimes there is time to get a shot of just the children together and just the Mom/Dad together as well. If there is time left after all of that, and you have a specific grouping or pose in mind, I have no problem attempting it! Typically a mini session will take around 20-30 minutes and will yield around 10-12 photos which will be edited and then given to you on CD to print as you wish. The cost for these mini sessions is $25 per family. CD’s will be given out just after Thanksgiving.

I will begin booking on October 1st, hopefully giving everyone enough time find out about it and see if it will work for their family. I fill up very, very, fast! Many times on the first day. You may call or email, but if you are going to wait up until midnight please just send an email J I’m often up that late on a Friday night, but just in case I’m actually sleeping let’s not disrupt that. J  

If you have any questions at all please don’t hesitate to call or send me an email!

Enjoy your Saturday!

Friday, September 23, 2011

Why So Quiet?

Yes, I know. That is the question I keep getting. This is by far the most I've ever let my poor little blog be ignored. Let me see if I can give a little accounting and then you might understand. 

These past two months I've created 52 different layouts for either Creative Memories, F&W Publications, Carta Bella Publications, and I've also created another 40 duplicate layouts for Queen and Company's Board program. I've designed 13 digital Christmas Card Templates, 24 layout sketches, a 2012 digital calendar, 6 regular (non-digital) cards, 2 gift bags, 1 mini album, and 10 other miscellaneous items (home decor/calendar/display stuff). 

To say that I've been busy and a wee bit sleep deprived would be an understatement :) So that is my excuse and I'm sticking to it!

The bad part is that most of it is stuff that I can't show here on my blog until after it comes out for publication, the good parts are (and there are lots) 1. That I'll have a lot of books and magazines that I can give copies away of in future months. 2. That this is an unusual number of projects for me to be working on at once so now that I'm finished I'll have a lot more time for blogging. 3. I have 8 new layouts to share over the next week or so. 4. I can now focus on getting mini photo sessions organized--in fact tomorrow there will be information posted here about dates and booking info--as well as an email going out to those of you who have done a session with me in the past/and or expressed an interest in having one done this year. And lastly 5. I have have an announcement to make--not tonight, but hopefully all the i's will be dotted and the t's crossed soon so that I can share, all I can say at the moment is that I'm very excited about it and hopefully it will give me more things to share on my blog down the road a bit :)

So thanks for your patience during my "absence." I'll try to make it worth your wait, and I'll start off by sharing my favorite layout that I did for this month with the super fun Nightfall line from American Crafts:

Ready For Magic

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Thursday, September 1, 2011

Are You Waiting On Fall Family Mini Session Info?

I've had a lot of people ask me if I am doing my fall family mini sessions this year as Sept 1st has typically been the date I start booking these. The answer is yes I am, however, I do not yet know what the dates for these will be. I'm waiting to see Ty's soccer schedule and then I'll be able to pick dates. I'll post here and send out an email as soon as I know, and I'll let everyone know the booking date. They typically fill up really fast (in the first 24hours) and I have to turn some families down after that.  I'm may entertain the idea of having two dates instead of one this year. Hopefully this will allow more than 10 of you to get a session. If you have any other questions please feel free to email me!

Here is a little sample of my 10 sessions from last year. We lucked out with pretty much perfect weather at all three locations and I had a really marvelous time photographing all of you amazing families! I'm hoping for more of the same for this fall!

Thanks for visiting today, and if you are here looking for scrapbooking posts, I'm sorry for the short hiatus, (I've been buried in projects), but scrapbooking posts will start up again tomorrow!