Sunday, February 21, 2010

2 New KMA Layouts For Feburary

Wow! This has been a super busy but fun weekend! Last night my husband, mom, and dad joined some friends from church for a barn dance and stop at Dairy Queen afterwards. This was our Valentine's celebration and we had a lot of fun on our double date. We danced to songs I haven't danced to in years and today my legs are certainly feeling it!
Of course that could also have a lot to do with the roller skating we did as a family on Friday night. We got the boys roller skates for Christmas--and although they have loved riding around the neighborhood on them--taking them to the rink was a special treat. Ty and Blake really loved it and skated non-stop for an hour. Spencer wasn't as big a fan but tolerated if for a few slow trips around the rink. He spent the rest of the time having a blast pushing all the buttons on every arcade game. Over all it was a great time!
Also this weekend I finished up all those layouts for Queen and Co I mentioned earlier and my monthly assignments for The first one is loosely based on a sketch I saw on the Cosmo Cricket blog. It just seemed a perfect sketch for this layout about Ty entering the second grade, and it uses their papers from one of my favorites lines of Cosmo Cricket's "The Boyfriend."

And here is another one using these same papers about Spencer and how much he has always wanted to tag along with his brothers. Being the youngest he sometimes has to stay behind with me while Ty and Blake go out with their Dad. He really hates to be left behind and this particular day he tried so hard to get himself ready so he could go too! Just look at him wearing his Daddy's shoes :) Poor thing!

Anyhow, I hope you all had a great weekend! Thanks again for stopping by today!


  1. These are great, but I especially like the one with Ty- are you sending this one in for the ST call? You should!!!

  2. Love the layouts! That's so precious of Spencer wanting to go too. Amazing that you caught that on film!