Thursday, July 23, 2009

"Yes Your Majesty." and other Blake-isms

"Yes your Majesty." was Blake's grumpy reply to my request to go help Ty clean up the play room a few weeks ago. He walked upstairs so fast I almost wasn't sure of what I had heard. Marc was standing nearby when he said it and we both looked right at each other with the same "Did I just hear what I think I heard?" kind of look--then we both started laughing. I have no idea where that came from, it kind of flew in from left field. Granted they have both seen their share of Disney movies in their time so I'm guessing that's where it came from--still it was quite a surprise--and even though I'd love to think of myself as royalty--I'm glad he hasn't said that one again.
One thing he does say a lot is "That--b-breaks--m-m-y---heart!" (Imagine tiny violins playing in the background and picture him with giant tear filled eyes looking up at you to get the full effect of how he says it.) I hear this one about 4-5 times a day--usually after I tell him no, he can't have, eat, or play with something. (computer, junk food, his brother's toys, movies, extra snacks, new legos from the store, etc.) The other day he even brought me a blank piece of paper and asked me to draw his broken heart so he could color it.
I did not oblige.
And he has not asked me to do that again.
He seems to be picking up on the idea that this particular line isn't producing the desired results so he has recently added "It makes me soooooooooo sad when you say/do that." We will see if he has any better luck with this line. The other day he used it on Marc, "It makes me sooooooo sad when you eat all my food!" (Marc had just finished off a bag of chips Blake was particularly found of.) We both got a good laugh over that one.
It seriously cracks me up to hear the things he and Ty think up to say. For instance occasionally Spencer will get into their lego creations or other toys and Blake or Ty will say "Mom! Spencer needs to go take a nap!" Even if it is only 8 AM :)
Some of the things they say are not funny, but cute and endearing instead. At dinner time I often hear "Mom your a good cook!" Love that one :)
And I don't think I'll ever have a complex about they way I look as both Ty and Blake frequently say "Your so pretty Mom." Although sometimes I think they say that one because they know I'll follow it up by telling them how handsome they are :)
Of course they can be brutally honest sometimes too, such as when I asked Ty if he liked the layout I did of the two of us (see previous post). He leaned over to me and said "No, not really, mom, but I almost like it."
Oh well, I liked it anyhow :)
So in honor of my three crazy boys here are a few layouts of them, just click on them if you want to read the journaling.
Plus a little card I did with the scraps.

Anyways, thanks for stopping by and have a great day!

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  1. I had to laugh at the journaling about Blake and the funny things he says. I got to experience some of that while you guys were here visiting. I get things like, "Why did she get to go first? Is it because she's prettier?" (Hailey likes to ask this when she isn't first for everything) or the ever-so-popular "If I can't do that then I will scream," or other fun things like threats to never talk to me again (got that one tonight after the girls got in trouble), etc. Makes for some great stories. I love your pages and how you used that Girl Friday paper on the egg hunt page with your boys. Beautiful stuff!! I also like how you used the red Chatterbox letters on that last layout of Spencer. I love nap times, too, and wish that Hailey and Sarah would take them once in a while. They surely need it lately.