Monday, April 14, 2008

I have an announcement!!!!!!!!

I've been sitting on this now for a few weeks and it has been killing to to keep quiet about it, but I can now announce that another fabulous manufacturer has asked me to do scrapbook designs with their product. The Manufacturer is Melissa Frances! The have a hugely talented design team already--and I truly feel like I'm walking among giants as I get to know the other sweet ladies on the team--so much talent--I am truly in awe!

Anyhow, you can check out the announcement here on the Melissa Frances Blog. Be sure to go over there and meet the other talented ladies joining the team at this time too. Their blogs --as well as the Melissa Frances Blog--are just chalk full of wonderful inspiration!
You can also take a look at their beautiful product lines here:
I'll be posting my creations with their products soon, so keep checking back :^)


  1. ginger you are one of the most talented people i know:) do you want to do my scrapbook for jada??? j/k

  2. Congratulations Ginger! So excited to be on the team with you and the other talented girls!

  3. congrats Ginger! You're amazing. i love the pics...especially the silhouettes. How cute! We need to get some bluebonnet pics. We did last year with Brayden so why not.

  4. Congratulations Ginger! I'm just as excited as you are! Can't wait to see the amazing things you'll create.