Monday, December 5, 2011

Layout a Day--Day 4

Soccer season wrapped up just before Thanksgiving this year, and was a really good activity for Ty to be in this fall. He learned a lot, and for a first time player, he really was pretty good as a defender. I think he had a good time playing and was happy that they won many of their games. He also loved that he was on the same team as his best friend. This layout is about their 4th game day and features the very fun Bella Blvd Making the Team line.

The Journaling reads: "I am so glad that we put you in soccer this fall Ty! It has been so much fun to watch you learn and progress as a player and have a blast at the same time. One of my favorite moments from this year was in your 4th game. You were playing defense and doing a great job of it. You stopped many of the opposing teams’ drives by stealing the ball away. On this drive you blocked the approaching player and stole the ball by kicking it right through his legs. Not bad at all for someone so new to the game! 10/2011"

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