Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Layout a Day--Day 5 and 6

Opps! Well yesterday was crazy busy so I never did get a blog post up--so today you get two projects instead of one.

In honor of the season I actually have some Christmas layouts to share today. Both feature Echo Park's new line: Season's Greetings. 

First up "The Clone Trooper Christmas."

The journaling reads: "About two weeks after Halloween you Blake started to get really excited about the Clone Troopers from Star Wars. It was all you talked about for weeks and the only thing you wanted for Christmas was to have a Clone Trooper costume. It was really cute to see you find the costume hanging up and waiting for you on Christmas morning. You put it on right away and even wore it while you learned to ride your new Bike—which you were excited about, but not anywhere near as excited as you were about this costume! December 25th 2008"

 And here is my extra layout, "Sitting on Santa's Lap."

The journaling on this one reads: "Last year you older boys were very eager to talk to Santa! For months the two of you had been plotting on what you wanted to ask him for and working hard to be extra good and worthy of receiving it. You Blake asked for a Lego Minotaurus game. You had seen it online and had been wishing for it ever since. Ty, you wanted a Pogo stick. I'm not sure where you got the idea, but you were really hoping for one! You boys must have been good because Santa did bring the items on your wish list. Spencer you still don't really care much for Santa, but you warmed up to him a little once he handed you a toy and candy cane. --Dec. 2010 "

Thanks for coming by!


  1. love these LO's. So adorable and boy friendly!

  2. I ADORE your pages, Ginger! Love all the bits and goodies you cluster together!