Friday, May 25, 2012

What is it with Boys and Bugs?

I don't know that I'll ever understand why tiny icky little creatures are just so fascinating to boys! From worms to rolly-pollys, to caterpillars and other insects, boys just seem to love them! Case in point--this layout about Blake with a caterpillar he made friends with on our vacation to California last summer.

This is more of the very fun Note To Self collection by Echo Park. The letter stickers are by American Crafts and Rhinestones by Queen and Company.

The journaling reads: "It is true what they saw about boys and bugs. Boy are just naturally drawn to and intrigued by them. Blake, you found this fuzzy caterpillar on our vacation to California and had a grand time playing with him one afternoon. You thought it was so funny to feel him walk on your arm and to watch all his little legs move in unison. I loved watching you be so fascinated by him! July 2011"

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  1. Ha ha! Sarah is the same way with bugs- and she wants to bring them in the house. She even made a home for a lady bug in a plastic cup and put dirt in for it; problem was she suffocated the poor ladybug in the dirt and it died. So, it's NOT just a boy thing if you're Sarah :)

  2. I call my daughter a princess-tomboy. One minute she hates bugs and the next she is picking them up and playing with them. I made a page similar to yours in my craft room from but it was not nearly as cute as yours.