Friday, August 16, 2013

Claire's First Birthday

Please pardon my photo heavy post today. I've wanted to share photos and projects from Claire's first birthday, but the weeks have been slipping away from me and I think I'll just do one big post covering everything rather than several different short ones. 

I really had a good time planning Claire's birthday! Thanks to Pinterest I had lots of ideas I wanted to pull together and make my own. Perhaps even a few too many ideas! I didn't have time to get to all of them, but I had a lot of fun with what we did have time for.

First off, here is the invitation to her party. It was heavily inspired by this cute cupcake card

Before her party we went to a local park for her one-year-old photo shoot. We had a tiny bit of wind, which made using balloons as a prop rather tricky (they kept getting tangled up), and Claire wasn't really all that interested in them like I thought she would be, but we still managed to get some fun photos out of our time there. 

A few days later it was time to party!

I made a giant cupcake.

And then we set her down next to it. She was excited to have such a large audience!

 It took her a little while to figure out that she could eat it. At first she just poked it and watched us smiling and laughing at her with amusement.  

Eventually she did dig in!

I believe she was excited to be allowed to make such a big mess!

Eventually it fell over, and at that point she had had enough.

The aftermath.

We also ate her favorites foods (guacamole is still a big hit with her), opened and played with presents and played with good friends. It was a very fun celebration!


We are certainly glad to have this little "surprise" in our lives! It's been a wonderful and blessed year and we can't wait to see what this next year brings! Thanks for letting me share her big day with you!

Enjoy your weekend!


  1. Awwww!! I can't believe she is one already!!! Such fun pics, Ginger!! I can't wait to see those on scrapbook pages. ;)

    Happy 1st Birthday to your sweet girl!!

  2. Already a year old. Where did the time go. Claire is beautiful.