Wednesday, March 28, 2012

All His Favorite Toys

Most of Spencer's favorite toys seem to come from Pixar movies! Lately he has been obsessed with everything to do with "Cars" and "Toy Story." He has a pretty good sized collection of figures from these movies and  I typically see him having a good time in pretend play with them. Last month, I walked into the family room to find himself happily piling each and every one of them on top of his legs. It was a very funny sight, so I, of course, grabbed the camera and took some photos.

I used this cute and new collection called "Dino-Mite" by Bazzil to scrapbook this page for my March assignment. I loved the colors and all the dinosaur references in this line! It made me wish it had come out when Ty was about this age and completely obsessed with everything to do with dinosaurs. It would have been great to scrapbook some of his playtime as well.
The banner on this page was made by folding large and small circles over some baker's twine. and then "hanging" the twine across the page.

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