Tuesday, March 20, 2012

He is a Tween Now

One more "A Boy's Life" layout to share today. This one is about my oldest and how much he has grown up. Lately it seems every time I turn around he is taller and more mature. The photos are from his first day of school, just a couple of months before he turned 10.

The journaling reads: "Ty, at age 10 you are certainly growing up! You are becoming less a kid and more of a young man. Currently some of your favorite things are playing Lego computer games and building with Legos, anything to do with Star Wars or Harry Potter, singing in the school choir, playing outside—especially sports like soccer, basketball, and football. Riding your bike, playing games with the family, going to the beach, camping, cub scouts, and theme parks are some other favorites. You are also very excited to have another new sibling and to be able to help take care of it. February 2012"

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