Tuesday, August 28, 2012

She Loves Grandma's Quilt

I admit I was very eager to scrapbook these photos from Claire's newborn photo shoot. They are some of my favorites because they mean more to me than just a cute photo of my daughter. When I look at them I see the love my mother has for her grand kids. She pours so much time, effort, and love into each of the quilts she makes them and I was so happy to have images that capture the feeling I get when I see her special  creations. She is such a fun and wonderful grandma and I truly hope my kids will know how lucky they are to have her as friend and example in their life.

The papers and stickers here are from the Echo Park So Happy Together line, the title was done with the my Cricut and the Simply Sweet and Cricut Alphabet Cartridges, and all those fun hexagons were made with Creative Memories new Hexagon Punch--one of my all time favorite tools!

The journaling on this layout reads: "Every time a new grandchild is born grandma makes each of them a beautiful quilt. These quilts are true labors of love and they become such treasures to us. Claire is still a little too small to use hers much, but we did use it a little in her newborn photos. I loved the way she just curled up on top of the quilt and took a long nap. Clearly she loves her quilt already! July 2012"

This quilt has an interesting story behind it. Almost 8 years ago when Blake was born my mom spent a week with us in Las Vegas to help me out. During her stay we made a visit to a local quilt shop and I saw this beautiful quilt kit. Mom and I both just fell in love with it and mom told me she would get it and then if I ever had a girl she would make it for her. 

Well a few years went by and we had another beautiful baby, but a boy. So this kit stayed in the closet and my mom made this amazing quilt for him instead.

After Spencer was born we thought we were done having kids and so I was pretty sure this quilt would end up going to another little girl in the family. 

So when we found out last year that we were having another one and then when we found out it was a girl--I was so excited that my mom still had this kit!

In case you wanted to see a better view of the quilt, here is a photo of my mom holding it up just after she finished it. (Isn't she so talented?!)

I just love the bright colors, the bugs, the chenille accents, and the super soft backing that makes it perfect for cuddling up with Claire underneath it. Thanks mom for making Claire such a treasure!


  1. Yes, your mom is amazing! My girls love the quilts that she made them. What a beautiful page, Ginger, and the pictures of Claire are so precious.

  2. What a fabulous picture!! I just love this layout Ginger.

  3. Beautiful quilts and pictures of your little ones. What a great gift.